YouTube Star VeniCraft visits MERTEN

The intention of Merten is that young girls and boys get to know the job description of mechatronics technician. The YouTube star VeniCraft shall help us to get in contact with young people, i.e. to his currently 390.000 followers. 

Within 24 hours the video, which partially has been made at Merten, had more than 35.000 hits on YouTube.

We would be glad if this was a small contribution to give young people an understanding of the future prospects of this absolute high-tech sector, which however demands a high level of technical understanding.

In the course of the video recordings Mr. KR Peter Merten sen. took the opportunity to chat with the YouTube star. Mr. Merten was impressed with the entrepreneurial visions of this young man and the strategies he already developped for his life.

If we are able to credibly communicate this to our children and apprentices, we can count on our next generation.