What can you do for society?

This phrase we have heard very often during the last months. MERTEN is glad that we keep coming up with projects that are definitely of benefit to people and at the same time secure jobs in our company.

AVVie GmbH is a medical device startup that focuses on the development of minimally invasive heart valve implants.

AVVie has installed a laboratory with special testing-systems. The greatest problem was to find a partner for this project who has competencies in the design and manufacture of mechanical components and at the same time also offered the assembly of small assemblies.  Merten offers its competencies precisely for these tasks.

The customer's statement was: "We are very grateful to the Merten team that they took on this difficult production task and delivered it with the highest quality."

The goal of our customer is that the implants can be used in humans for the first time in 2022 and so many people with heart problems can have their lives extended.