This is how Merten gets TOP-skilled workers!

On social media channels interested teenagers were addressed to our job description. About 2.000 interested girls and boys were able to recommend a digital test.

The best 125 children were invited to a personal casting, where their technical affinity and craftsmanship were tested at 7 stations and evaluated by an independent expert jury.

On 02.03.2018, the 20 winners of the casting were presented to 15 apprenticing companies at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Eng. Peter Merten used this opportunity to make motivated young people aware of our company. In personal conversations many questions were asked, further job interviews and exploratory days were agreed.

We are happy, as last year, to be able to access again from the pool of the best apprentice candidates.

We congratulate the Vienna Guildo f  the Vienniese Mechatronics for this unique and successful campaign. This is the only way to win the best of  the best for our company.

The TOP apprentices, however, include the best experts at Merten. The company management would like to sincerely thank them for their tireless efforts.

Link to the casting: