The Austrian Federal Chancellor invites MERTEN for lunch to discuss the Wishes of Industry

As everyone knows, there is a very big discrepancy between speaking and acting. On occasion of his visit at our company, Federal Chancellor Mr. Mag. Kern has promised to invite us to the Federal Chancellery. He has kept his promise, much to our appreciation.

We were pleased to present our presentation „Subjective Impressions and Proposals of a medium-sized company“. It includes the following topics: Apprentices, employees over 50, skilled worker qualification, practical training at secondary technical schools, urban land prices, why small businesses and medium-sized companies find it difficult to recruit additional staff, legal restrictions and the Working Hours Act.  When presenting our paper it was important to us to present proposed solutions which could help companies and the state to reduce their costs.

We are very much aware of the fact that the described topics are difficult to implement at an organisation of 8,7 mio. people. However, the Federal Chancellor credibly assured that he knows our requests and wishes which he will consider in his vision „Develop growth, instead of taxation race to the bottom“.

Most of all, we were very pleased that he took our presentation with him. When parting we joked that our paper will be a good bedtime story to get to sleep easier after a hard days work.