Successful Installation of a Conveyor System

As conveyor technology specialist with international experience, we design, construct and supply to different branches of industry, such as the food industry, pharmacy or mechanical engineering.

With our experience, technical innovations and high-performance products of the highest quality are created. We develop, manufacture and assemble conveyor systems for special requirements. The installation and service are just one proof that competence from a single source is more than a slogan at Merten.

The wrapping cell, designed for the customer, is used for ergonomic re-packing of cartons with frozen plasma donations in the frozen area of -30°C. The boxes are unloaded from the container on US pallets (1200 x 1000 mm) and are transferred directly into the re-packing cell.

The pallet conveyor system automatically transports the pallets to the re-packing station,which uses a dual lifting table system to enable scanning and re-packing on EURO pallets at a constant working height of 850 mm. The empty EURO pallets are fed automatically, as well as the removal of the empty US pallets. The finished re-packed EURO pallets are again conveyed via the conveyor system for removal by means of a fork lift. The system is also designed for the insertion of EURO pallets, which are conveyed through the system for scanning.

The system offers buffering of up to 14 US pallets and provides the customer with a resource-optimized, ergonomic process for re-packing of the frozen cartons.  

We thank our employees for their tireless dedication!