Staff surprises Mr. KR Peter Merten on his 70th Birthday

Mr. Merten did not want a big celebration for his 70th birthday because he does not want to be the center of attention. Nevertheless, the Merten team surprised him together with the entire Austrian Guild of Vienna Mechatronics and we managed to make him smile.

Not only, that he was given a large cake with his picture on it where he is standing at the machine wearing his „beloved“ blue work coat. He also was surprised with personal gifts and long-lasting  applause. In addition to the creativity of the team, he was also very impressed by his portrait, painted by the Director of the Mechatronics Guild.

We hope that, despite the surprise and honors of the Chamber of Commerce, the due respect for his life’s work has been shown and that this motivates him to continue to be involved in the success story of Merten with words and deeds.