Valentin Bertrand, 10 years old, has one great target: He is dreaming to be a world champion with his racecart.

Valentin Bertrand ist ten years old and likes playing football and with Lego-parts. He is a creative type, who loves action, we could say he is an ordinary boy. The difference to most of the other children is his passion to circle the race course of Bruck a.d. Leitha with 90 km/h, but not only there.

He wants to be successful with his cart also internationally. 2018 he won the Vice Country Champion in a very exiting finale. We submit very warm congratulations.

His daddy has to concede, that sometimes, it is not so easy for his parents to watch their son, enjoying his hobby. „It is clear, that cart racing is a dangerous sport, but the children get the speed used and are very disciplinated.  They know, that fulfilment of rules is a must. Some experts tell, that skying is more dangerous“

The reason for the Merten-Family to support this young man, is the clear vision of his target, the plan including the realisation and the success, consisting of a lot of small steps. It correlates exactly to our company strategy, which moved us to our current situation.