MERTEN Takes Part at a Cool Operation

A bicyle which is manufactured in the 23 Districts of Vienna.

A beer producer arranged the production of a bicycle for the first Vienna Bicycle Show with the help of 23 companies  situated in the 23 Districts of Vienna. Together with a Viennese cycling enthusiast and a bicycle mechanic, the brewery, based in The Netherlands, has created a „Viennese Bicycle“.

In cooperation with the companies, the bicycle and machine technician Daniel Reinhartz assembled a correctly functioning bicycle. The styling of the bicycle is related to the classic military bike, which originally was produced by the company Puch.

This bicycle was shown during the Vienna Bicycle Show, though initially it is an unsaleable unique model. Within a period of three months the workshops and design studios produced the components for the Viennes bicycle (in the tradition of the Viennese mechanic bikes) – from the frame to the front hub and  from the saddle to the grips.

The core piece of the bicycle was the chain ring, which was manufactured by the company Merten. We also produced both brake levers which received their perfection and precision by 3D simulation milling processing.

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