Merten takes over CNC grinding shop from the company Strohschneider

Until recently, the two brothers Franz and Manfred Strohschneider operated an exclusive CNC grinding shop in Kottingbrunn with the core competences cylindrical grinding, jig grinding, flat and profile grinding.

After the brothers wanted to start the well-deserved retirement, it was a great concern of the two, to ensure their professionalism in the context of their decades of activity even in the transfer to a successor company.

The customers of the company Strohschneider must be looked after by the successor in the same quality as they were used to. We would like to thank the company Strohschneider for the trust placed in us and assure that we continue to serve the approx. 70 customers with the accustomed precision and very friendly manners.

Since the beginning of May, the corresponding subcontracts have been carried out by a highly qualified team.
Mr. Szüts, who with his high level of motivation has realized the relocation and commissioning of the CNC grinding shop within a few weeks, is responsible for this. In return, the Merten family expresses their thanks and appreciation to him.