Merten enters the bulk production up to 5 tons

Recently, the contract was signed for the investment of an AXA 5-Axis Milling Machine.

Merten strives to develop the company constantly, in accordance with market conditions. In some cases, this strategy leads to an investment decision with far-reaching consequences. On the one hand, the machinery must be modernized and, above all, failsafe, on the other hand, the need for large milled parts is constantly growing.

The following investment will be done, to meet these requirements:

AXA traveling column machining center, model VHC 3-XTS/50 5-axis milling machine with simultaneous control

The delivery is scheduled for the end of November 2019. After a machine of this size also requires some modifications, this opportunity will also be used to optimize the utilization of our available hall space.

We will be able to handle machine milled parts with a total weight of up to 5 tons with this machining centre, which will be an important addition to the portfolio of our contract work.