25 Years at Merten-Company

Nowadays it is no longer common to have the same job or to work for the same employer all your life. It is all the more important to reward the loyalty and reliability of long-term employees.
After 20 or 25 years either a small celebration or, like it is usual in our company to honour these employees within the frame of our Christmas Party, demonstrates the appreciation and loyalty to these great people. As we had to cancel our annual Christmas party this year, because of Covid-19, we want to make public congratulations.

Mrs. Bauer (25 years), Mrs. Weninger (20 years), Mr. Gaunersdorfer (20 years) und Mr. Hitzenhammer (20 years) have become an integral part of our company. We submit all of them a lot of thanks for their long time commitment und warm congratulations for 25th resp. 20th jubilation.

The Merten Team