Girls and Boys of Merten with Vice World Champion Beachvolleyball 2017 and Goal Scorer EURO 2017

Clemens Doppler and Alexander Horst, Vice World Champions Beachvolleyball 2017, and as well Lisa Makas, 2-time goal scorer of Austria’s Women’s Football Team at the EURO 2017, support the campaing „KNOWLEDGE MAKES YOU HEALTHY“.

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce is launching a project with the private foundation WISSENMACHTGESUND (KNOWLEDGE MAKES YOU HEALTHY9, where our apprentices are participating free of charge in the "MAKE YOUR MOVE" prevention project.

The all-year study with the apprentices (Director of Studies Prof. Hans Holdhaus of the IMSB, conducted by Karin Pauer of UFit) is designed to motivate the young professionals to lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical strength in combination with proper nutrition will improve body posture and body tension as well as better performance and the success experience will increase self-esteem.

Through the sport the apprentices learn discipline and perseverance. Ambition and perseverance in sports are transformable to the requirements in the working world. They are conducive to a positive business climate and to the increase of social competence. The right and healthy diet also has positive effects on learning, strikingly formulated: The better chances for better grading and for a longer life in health.

It is a special honor for Merten that our apprentices are allowed to participate at the TOP-Aktion and we like to express our thanks to the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.