Delegation from China, Singapore and Germany visiting Merten

After 35 years of partnership, Leica entrusts their entire precision mechanical manufacturing to the company Merten.

As this project has already been completed in 2005, Leica Austria asked us to present MERTEN as successfully realized reference example to the International Purchasing Department of Leica’s  Group Management Board.

The outsourcing idea is: Focus on the core business.

The idea behind the outsourcing idea is plausible.

„Concentrate yourself on your core business and consider which processes are more favourable to be carried out by an external service provider.“

Leica Microsystems in Vienna opted for this approach and have outsourced the entire remaining mechanical production to Merten.

The know-how of Merten lies in the area of product development and sales; with main emphasis on  product realisation. We implement our networks into your value-added chain, so together we are able to realize competitive advantages.

A sucesesful outsourcing project which has been realised 15 years ago,  was the reason for the strategic decision to express confidence in Merten.

Our success is based on the principles transparency, efficiency and quality. Measure ourselves on this basis. Convince yourself. Our outsourcing products reduce your costs, increase your business success and create new potential. All this because of our highly quality staff members in the respective specialized departments. Their passion and efforts to achieving our client’s objectives secure the economic success.

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