Corona – A chance for the future!

Process-optimization and  Digitalization at Merten.

The Corona Virus and its effects pose new challenges for all of us. Due to the current circumstances, our customers are also under pressure to face the "new" conditions and to take appropriate measures.

Of course, these facts affect financial pressure for everyone to secure their own added value as best as possible. Furthermore there cost optimization-activities occur in the different companies. The same things happen also among partners and suppliers.

The Merten company is currently confronted with very different, customer-specific cost reduction proposals that should take place without any loss of quality. In order to break this cycle, we are constantly developing ideas to optimize manufacturing costs and not only to save money.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been running a program to optimize our delivery and performance capabilities, which is also to be achieved through cost optimization.

One sub-project concerns the process chain for tool provision. With the help of a tool management system, we were able to bundle all tool suppliers and digitize the procurement process for tool dispensing together with our ERP system. All tool removals in connection with the CNC machines are managed digitally and the ordering process is triggered automatically.

Our head of CNC-production demonstrated the benefit for our customers and for our own company, despite high investment costs at the start. This system ensures targeted tool optimization to reduce machine-costs medium term.