An Old Flame Never dies

Personal sympathy and appreciation often result in a long-lasting partnership from which both parties benefit. This was proved again, for example, in the cooperation between MERTEN and WAMATEC, which we will sucessfully continue in the future with a new project. Thus, we ordered at Mr. Ing. Hermann Hulak’s team two 6-axis CNC turning/milling machines with automatic material feed and final unloading of finished parts.

Acting for the benefit of customers was our main motivation. The new machines enable us to react more flexibly and productively to our customers‘ requests. This clearyl ensures – in addition to shorter delivery times – a further improvement in our range of services.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the team around Mr. Ing. Hermann Hulak for the smooth operation. In addition to constant availability, it was above all the proximity to the maintenance technicians that prompted us to make this new start! We are convinced that the personal relationship and the in-depth reference discussions have been a guarantee of success and will also provide substantial benefits for customers and business partners in the the future.

Our co-operation partners: