Corporate policy for quality, environment and occupational safety/health protection

As toll manufacturer MERTEN produces CNC precision applications for trade and industry. Our core competencies start with machining technology of components and standard parts through to assembly of plants and machinery units. Prime principle of our actions is long-term survival and continuous growth of our company. The most important basis for all that is high quality standards of performances for our customers as well as high, long-term customer satisfaction. In parallel to necessary business success we strive to sustainable, positive corporate development. This corporate development comprises the observance of relevant legislation and the UN Global Compact´s ten principles, the fulfillment of social demands and the continuous improvement of quality, environment and occupational safety/health protection with the aid of the most helpful technical equipment and the provision of necessary resources. In seeking to take on leadership responsibility and to implement our quality, environmental and safety concerns, we have an integrated management system, which is built and advanced upon the consistent implementation of our determined objectives. Our management system comprises the following principles:

For us, quality means...

  • consistent protection of product quality before production launch
  • consistent avoidance of errors and error cause removal
  • to implement process-oriented ways of thinking
  • continuous optimization of all business processes with the objective to only run robust processes
  • inclusion and further development of suppliers regarding our quality philosophy
  • assessment / feedback from our customers
  • to cut costs and to improve performance ability
  • strengthening of our international competitive position
  • that every employee makes a contribution to reach and ensure our quality standard through personal responsibility

For us, occupational safety/health protection means...

  • to prevent health damages through preventive measures
  • reduction of work accidents
  • to use safe machines and work equipment
  • to maintain and to foster the long-term performance of our employees
  • ergonomic workplace design
  • to eliminate sources of danger and risks
  • to foster safe conduct of employees, visitors and contractors
  • to provide for a tidy and clean workplace

For us, environmental protection means...

  • continuous reduction of environmental pollution by avoiding or rather reducing emissions and waste
  • best possible use of resources, especially energy, raw material and water, as well as continuous improvement of energy efficiency
  • inclusion of environmental and energy aspects already when planning and developing new products and processes
  • introduction of continuous measures on energy saving as well as determining relevant data
  • to avoid environmental accidents through preventive measures
  • open communication with authorities, customers and the public

The management of Peter MERTEN Ges.m.b.H declares this corporate policy and all associated principles as mandatory for any corporate processes, organizational entities and all employees. Every employee of the company MERTEN contributes to the realization of this corporate policy. We manage and foster the necessary identification, motivation and qualification by information and purposeful training and further education. The management of Peter MERTEN Ges.m.b.H performs regular monitoring and assessment of status and progress, whereby a high level of effectiveness can be maintained.

Any expressions used in this document to refer to persons shall be deemed to relate to both males and females.

sgd. KR Peter Merten

sgd. Gabriele Merten
Authorized signatory

sgd. Ing Peter Merten